Practice your scientific thinking skills

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    Exploration Hub
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    An educator dissecting a sheep eye
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    © Michael Malyszko

Biogen Foundation Exploration Hub

Learn about the variety of interactive activities presented by staff and volunteer educators at the exhibition's Exploration Hub.

Our activity schedule varies daily. Groups can request one of these activities by contacting us at at least two weeks in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your request and help you make the most of your visit. Please note that the availability of these activities may be limited based on the availability of materials and interpreters.

Get A Grip
People pick up and hold things in many different ways. Have you ever thought about the different kinds of grips you use? Which muscles are you using when give things a squeeze? Which of your hands do you think is stronger? We measure your grip and help you use graphs to explore how people's grip may differ based on age, sex, and handedness.
Vital Capacity
How much air can your lungs hold? Can taller people hold more air?
Mystery Skeleton
Using a human skeleton as a model, can you figure out how to put our mystery skeleton together? What can bones tell us about how an animal moved and what it ate? Can you figure out what animal these bones belong to?
Inside An Eye
The dissection of a sheep’s eye reveals how we – and other animals – see. Do you know all the different pieces of the eye and how they work together to turn light into sensory information?
Taste Testing
Do you like to eat? What are your favorite foods? We explore our senses using different kitchen chemicals to find out how we figure out what's in our mouth and decide what to eat...and what not to eat.
Heart and Lungs
Learn more about the important work of your heart and lungs by seeing - and touching - the real heart and lungs of an animal! You will get to see inside the heart to learn more about how it works and find out exactly what is going on inside your chest as you breathe.