Explore the Five Environments

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Five Environments

Investigate how we are changed by the environments we are part of and how we change those environments in turn throughout the Hall of Human Life. Explore the five areas devoted to different factors influencing our lives and contribute your own data at the three link stations available in each.

What keeps you awake? How high is your foot arch? Are your fingers the first to freeze? The physical environment changes us. Aspects of the physical world such gravity, temperature, and light (even artificial light) affect your biology in surprising ways.

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Do you ever forget a face? How do you relate to your family? How does your circle of friends change? Explore how the social environment changes us. See how changes in social structures and interactions can alter the way you experience the world.

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How efficient is your walk? What food grows from your decisions? What makes you hungry? Learn how the many changes in your food environment have affected your behavior and maybe even your DNA, and how your choices have helped shape what kinds of food are available.

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Do you look scared? How are you feeling today? Why is your body overreacting? There are organisms all around us, large and small, how do they change us? Explore your body’s response to the organisms living around you, on you, and inside you. You can’t live without them.

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Is your balance as good as it gets? Are you paying attention? Your body changes in small ways from moment to moment and in larger ways from year to year. Looking back over long periods of time is a central part of biology! Find out how time changes us and other organisms, like chicks that are hatching right before your eyes.

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